Newsletter for 26th February 2017

KAC Playgroup
Playgroup meets every Monday of the school term for preschool aged children and their parents/caregivers.  Join us in a caring, safe environment with lots of toys and great morning tea!  For more information contact Nikki
027 696 7694.  We're also looking for more adult helpers to join our team - if are available please let Nikki know! 
Where:  in the meeting hall behind the SMASH hall
When:  Mondays 9.30—11.30 am

John’s Open Office
John will be down at Café on the Square (beside the Library) every Tuesday from 3.30 pm.  Do drop by have a coffee and speak with him.

Roster for March
The roster for all services in March has been put on Infoodle using availability as advised up to 15 Feb.  If you find you are on for a day when you are not available please arrange a swap with someone else as our roles need to be covered each week.  Printed copies are available in Gathering Area. 

Sing for your Life
Social group singing making your life more musical regardless of your previous experience or abilities.  Wednesdays, 10.30 am at St Mary’s Church, Karori.  $8 per session or $60 per term.  More info 802 5398 or

Accommodation Needed
Does anyone have accommodation for an 18 year old young man, Caleb, who is due to start a chefs course on 6th March? He has already delayed his start because he couldn't find anywhere to stay. He has grown up in church youth groups. If you can help please contact