Newsletter 21 May

Prayer Vigil
The Archbishop of Canterbury has asked all churches to pray “Thy Kingdom Come” from Ascension to Pentecost.  Between, 25 May—4 June, we will have a“Thy Kingdom Come” prayer vigil here at the church.  Please signup on the clipboards today.  This is global movement.  If you also sign up at, you will be supported over the 11 days with daily prayers and videos!!!

We Remember
Des Bates.  Des’s funeral service was held last week.  Please continue to keep Noel and their family in your prayers.
Molly Amos.  Molly’s funeral service will be held on Monday at 11am.  Please keep Duncan and their family in your prayers.

New Bishop
The Consecration and Installation of Bishop Ellie Sanderson will be 2 June, 6 pm at the Cathedral. We have been asked to provide 4 large platters of fruit. Please contact Zoё if you are able to provide a platter.

Wendy on Leave
Wendy will be having surgery on her hand and will be away from the office 19 May—5 June.

Lawnmowing Roster
If you would like an occasional turn on the lawnmower and /or weed-eater to help keep the grass and weeds around St Mary’s under control, please contact Mike Scrivener 970 3069

Stamps for Missions
Please keep any postage stamps you would normally discard.  Pop them in a small plastic bag or used envelope and place them in the box provided at the back of the church.  Please leave a 5 mm border around the stamp.

Job Opportunity
Busy Karori Mum needs help with boys aged 9 and 11, three mornings and three afternoons a week.  Must have full clean drivers license, own car and like dogs.  Live in option available:  fully furnished self contained flat. Ph Jax 027 489 3997

Emergency Supplies
We are filling our emergency container with tins to feed 200 people for 3 meals and snacks for 4 days (as recommended by the Civil Defence).  To support this there will be tins of food for you to purchase.  We accept cash to buy a tin or two or put your name down to pledge what you wish to buy—IOUs will be accepted (NO EFTPOS).  Any questions please ask Yvette or Ian