Newsletter 18 February

A Smile is a Conversation Starter
Our elderly are often lonely and love just to connect with someone.  Karori Anglican runs a service every Tuesday at Sprott House and serve morning tea.  Can you spare an hour to help with welcoming, serving morning tea and just having a chat to some of the residents?  We would love you to join the team.  The services are every Tuesday at 10 am, you decided how often you can commit to helping.  Contact Judy Scrivener 970 3069 or Jenny Button 476 5759

Your unwanted red bricks, for a home garden landscape project.  Any number large or small; they will be collected from your site.  Contact Yvette 476 6030 or 0210 2454 988.

Healing Service

St Teresa’s Karori are hosting a healing service with Fr John Rea.  Tueday 20 Febrauary, 7.30 pm.  All are welcome to attend.

Farewell Festivities After the Service

Please join with us with the farewell festivities after the service.  Just make your way across to the lawn outside the office after the service where the fun will begin.

Priest in Charge
The Wardens are pleased to announce that the Bishops have appointed Reverend Ian Cook as the Priest in Charge during the interregnum.  We are grateful to Ian for stepping up and taking on this responsibility at this time.

Climate Catalysts.png

Climate Catalysts

Within the Anglican Diocese of Wellington there is a growing network known as the Climate Catalysts (CC for short).  This network is made up of ordinary people who are eager to encourage members of their church to engage in various activities focused on environmental justice.  There are currently about 45 churches connected to the network, but sadly Karori Anglican Churches isn’t one of them.

What’s involved? - 'Joining' is very low-key -

· the selected CC person will be added (or multiple persons from a single church) to an email list, and/or a Facebook group. 

· About once a month, you will be sent an email or update the FB page with details on upcoming environmental justice type events, available resources, and general encouragement from the Advocacy team at the Wellington Anglican Diocese. 

If you would like more information, or are interested in getting involved, please contact Zoё at the Parish Office.