Service Guide


The purpose of this document is to clarify what is involved in putting together a 10:30 service and who is responsible for which parts.


There are several roles involved in the running of a 10:30 service and the person in each of these roles changes every week. Therefore there needs to be clear communication and understanding of who plays what part, in order for the service to be organized.


The key roles/people involved in this process are: service leaderworship leaderpreacher, KAC administrator (Gordon Rutherford), and the priest in charge of worship (Paul McIntosh). The compiling of the service is a collaborative process, where the preacher, worship leader and service leader work together to create the order of service. However, the service leader is the one who has the ‘final say’ on what the service ‘looks’ like.


The process of compiling a 10:30 service is complete when the order of service has been finalized and emailed out, and when the datashow has been compiled. This all needs to be completed by no later than the Friday before the service. If any one of the three key people (service leader, worship leader or preacher) is unavailable the week before the service, when the dialogue concerning the service (i.e. the ‘Step by Step Guide’) takes place, then this process needs to begin earlier or that person needs to find a replacement for themselves. That person needs to let the other two key people and Paul McIntosh know.


Paul McIntosh is the priest in charge of worship at KAC and oversees the 10:30 service. If there are any questions about the service or support required in putting it together, then he is the contact person for this: 04 476 8978 ext.5

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: (no later than the Tuesday before the service)

Service Leader – they are to contact the preacher to ask for a brief summary of what they’re preaching about/the focus of their talk. This will also include asking them if their talk will lead to a particular response (e.g. a time of reflection, prayer or an appropriate song). It’s at the service leader’s discretion as to what that will look like.

Also ask if the preacher can reply (via email) to both you and the worship leader, so to give the worship leader some direction in what songs to choose.

Step 2:

Preacher – to respond to the above request by giving a brief summary of what you’re preaching about/focus of your talk. The preacher is also to inform Gordon Rutherford if they require any slides/media added into the datashow.

Step 3:

Service Leader – decide on what structure/template the service will take and then email an order of service (the chosen template) to the worship leader with any suggestions/directions.

Step 4

Worship leader – fills in the order of service template with the chosen songs and emails it back to the service leader. At this point there can be a discussion with the service leader regarding choice of songs, or ideas around what may work best (e.g. where a confession might fit in well).

Step 5 (no later than the end of the Thursday before the service)

Service leader – makes any final decisions to the order of service and approves the chosen songs. Then they email the complete order of service (with songs, chosen communion liturgy, and any extra/different parts to the service) to Gordon Rutherford

Step 6 (no later than Friday)

Gordon Rutherford – after receiving the order of service, from either the worship leader or service leader, adds in the bible verses (if not already added) and fills in the names of all those rostered down for that service. Once the order of service is complete he emails it out to all those rostered on, the leaders of the children’s ministry, Scott Snaddon & Paul McIntosh. Gordon is also responsible for putting the datashow together.