2018 - Ready for the future

After 15 years of Committees and task forces, Special Parish Meetings have considered and acted on the implications of all this, which brings us to now - the point of building a new centre to strengthen and refurbish the hall and also to earthquake strengthen the church, tower, and other buildings.

We have embarked on a major $5 million programme of seismic repairs or replacement for all our buildings. This started in 2012 and is expected to take until 2023 to complete.

Property Programme Update: March 2018

Thank You for Your Generous Support

Thank you for your generous financial and operational support of the Property Programme -  your support makes it possible.

St Matthias - Strengthening Works

Work was completed by the end of November 2017, and allowed the use St Matthias in time for the Christmas Services.  

Community Connection Point – Selection of Architect

The process of selecting an architect is complete, and the concept art of Studio Pacific Architecture was adopted. Work on the preliminary design is now underway.

We plan to hold an SGM in mid-2018, with appropriate information meetings leading up to it, to enable Parishioners to see and support the preliminary design and approve the project moving onto the next design stage – Developed Design and Resource Consent.

Community Connection Point – Getting Ready

Planning has started on what we have to do to get ready for the partial demolition of the Parish Hall and construction of the new building.  This includes:

·      The clearing out and disposal of SMASH and Parish surplus items currently stored in the Supper Room, Parish Hall and on the Stage

·      The provision of ongoing storage of SMASH and Parish items currently stored in the Supper Room, Parish Hall and on the Stage. 

·      Continued access and operation of ECEC, SMASH and Parish activities during the demolition and construction period.  The        starting point for this is the development of proposals on how this can be achieved.  Consultation on these proposal will then take place and based on this consultation the following questions answered:

·      The extent to which current locations that are outside the demolition / construction footprint can be used. 

·      Is there a need to relocate the SMASH Offices and change the access point for ECEC and SMASH?

·      What are the changes needed during construction to keep operating ECEC and SMASH? 

·      Is it necessary to relocate ECEC and/or SMASH to alternative locations?

Community Connection Point – Fundraising

Vestry has set a budget of $2.2 million for the project.  This is to be met from donations on account of pledges, from funds already in the Property Fund (mainly from the proceeds of the sale of St Philip’s and from grants from external organisations).

Community Connection Point – “Branding”

Having the right branding and name for our “Connection Point” is important now as we increase the tempo and level of communications about it.  The Property Sub Committee is working on this aspect and is open to suggestions.

St Mary’s – Strengthening Work

In 2016 we strengthened the Tower to the minimum level required and have retained the operating restrictions that have been in place since 2013.

Recent additions of cupboards in the Gathering Area and stage lighting in the body of the Church have been made to support the current use of St Mary’s in the knowledge that it will continue to be used as a multi-purpose building for the foreseeable future.

St Mary’s – Fundraising

The early strengthening schemes and estimated costs from 2013 have not been updated, other than to add construction inflation of 43% from 2013 (when the initial estimate of $1.1 million was prepared) to 2023 (the expected completion of the strengthening work), giving an estimated cost in 2023 of $1.6 million.

There are a number of pledges for this work which are being kept separate and it is hoped there will be some funds left from general pledges.  However further fund raising will be required both from within and outside the parish.

A completion date of 2023 allows for a three-year St Mary’s fundraising campaign. Five-years extends this to 2025.

Property Sub Committee

Geoffrey Lee, Helen Algar, Mike Scrivener, John Hughes, Kate Lancaster, Ian Millard

St Matthias Church

The strengthening and repair work is complete at a cost of $205,000, and the church reopened in December 2017. Thanks to the parishioners, Wellington City Council, Built Heritage Incentive Fund, Lion Foundation and Meridian Energy for their friendly support.


ST Mary's Bell Tower

The strengthening of St Mary’s Tower has been completed at a cost of $150,000 and the Tower reopened on 14 August 2016.

Thanks to the cooperation of the groups that use St Mary’s we were able to keep using the Church over the six weeks the work took. Thank you for the support of this important strengthening work.


early childhood education centre

The strengthening of ECEC was completed in late 2014/early 2015, and the centre has been being used since the beginning of 2015. 

All payments have been made for this, coming to a cost of $200,000. Thanks to the support from all during this time.

St Matthias Church

Completion: November 2017

The work on St Matthias Church (Makara) is expected to cost $200,000.

As to date the total amount fundraised for this is $200,000.

Work started in September 2017 and was due for completion in November 2017. We are looking to combine the re-opening with the 150th Anniversary and Christmas services in December.

Community Centre

Completion: 2019-2020

The Community Centre will replace the current parish hall in order to meet the needs for the Church into the future.  $2,200,000 has been raised to date, with a $2,200,000 budget.

Architects for the project are currently being appointed. The project is estimated to start with demolition / construction in early 2019.

St Mary's Church

Completion: 2023

This work covers the strengthening of St Mary's Church and bell-tower.

The fundraised amount for this is included with the Community Centre budget of $2,200,000. The total cost for this work is expected to be $1,600,000, and will be completed in 2023.

Funds raised for St Mary's are included with the Community Centre and it is hoped that there will be some funds left over from pledges. Further funding for St Mary's will be required from both within and outside the Parish.

Parish Offices

Completion: 2021

This work is expected to cost $100,000 and fundraising/work for this hasn't begun yet. 

The estimated costs for the Community Facing Centre and the outstanding Seismic Repair work is $4.6 million. We have $1.2 million in hand. We need to raise $2.5 million from Parishioners and $1 million from the community.

$2000 or $5000 or $7500 or $10,000 or $20,000 over 5 years

$25,000 or $50,000 over 5 years

$150,000 or $250,000 over 5 years

How it Works

Each gift amount is accumulative over 5 years, therefore the annual gift is 1/5th of the amount given. We need in total 102 gifts which will provide $2 million towards the redevelopment.

Your Personal Response

Prayerfully respond as generously as your circumstances will allow, and spread your gift over five years in the manner that best suits your circumstances. Remember that gifts are tax deductible.